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Harlem Holiday Companion Project

Dear Friends,

Our goal in the space of Jewish life has always been to help you mark and make meaning. The ways we do that will look different until we can open our doors again, but we want to continue wading through the Jewish calendar with you, finding connections, and creating them for and with you. And with this in mind...
We are so pleased to share with you the Harlem Holiday Companion Project, a collection of Torah thoughts and reflections from a diverse set of voices in our Harlem community, paired with illustrative imagery, which centers holidays in the Jewish calendar. We acknowledge with deep gratitude the efforts of two community members, Kyle Savitch and Ally Pockrass, who have created and spearheaded this beautiful initiative.

We hope this offering, and the voices of our wonderful community reflected within, help you find connection in a moment when we are physically distant, but when, spiritually, we have never needed each other more.

If you are inspired by this project and would like to be involved or share a contribution for our next Holiday Companion, please be in touch with me at or Kyle Savitch at We'd love to hear from you! 

In community,


Harlem Holiday Companions


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