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A Note From Meg Sullivan, Director of JCC Harlem

Meg Sullivan

Dear Friends,

When JCC Harlem took the keys to a funky, lofted, brick-laden storefront space in 2016, we had no idea what this place would become—but we knew that it would be special, and we were excited to connect, learn, and grow together with this community.

Now, but a few years in, our role in this community and in your lives has become crystal clear: We are here to serve your Jewish and communal needs by acting as your co-creators, by helping to facilitate experiences with people who are like you and people who are not; by working to capture and program for every facet of our complex identities; and by providing a values-based architecture for you and your family to explore and to thrive.


We do this by saying yes. Yes to inclusivity. Yes to accessible and affordable programming. Yes to asking questions, yes to being challenged, yes to innovation, yes to intention. Our hope is that, through this philosophy of radical yes-saying, we are positioned to be a place that is shaped by and for the people who come through our doors every day, while aiming to reach all those we have yet to meet.


We always say that this place is for everyone—and we mean that—but most of all we mean that this place is for you.

In community,





Our Mission Statement

JCC Harlem is a community space on West 118th Street that is welcome to all. An initiative of Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan in collaboration with UJA-Federation of NY, JCC Harlem creates unique and diverse access points to Jewish and communal life for members of the Harlem community. We are an institution that is at once both intentionally Jewish and committed to facilitating experiences between those who identify Jewishly and those who identify otherwise—in service of connecting, growing, and learning within an ever-changing Jewish landscape.


A Note on Financial Accessibility

It is of deep importance to us that our programs be financially accessible for all. If your family would like to discuss financial assistance for any of our programs, please email

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